Location, Location, Location

Mesmo que o seu negócio seja a bolsa de valores:
If traders are located 100 miles away from an exchange, they face a delay of one millisecond whenever they seek to trade a price via their computer screen. Few serious investors can afford to be that late to prices that flash so quickly. The blink of a human eye takes 300 milliseconds; many traders now operate in the smaller realm of microseconds.
Mr Greifeld said there might have to be measures to ensure speeds within the co-location facilities were the same. “We might have to give everybody the same length cable, believe it or not,” he said.

(via marginal revolution)
A propósito, as mais rápidas bolsas do mundo usam linux.

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shikida disse...

olha, vc não vai querer uma tela azul num software de bolsa de valores ;-)

quanto à velocidade das transações, lembrei dos high-frequency-traders, que estão na moda


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