Salários e Clusters Industriais no Rio Grande do Sul

A Review of Regional Studies publicou meu paper Wages and Industrial Clusters in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) (acesso restrito). O abstract é o seguinte:
The purpose of this paper is to test whether the New Economic Geography hypothesis concerning the existence of a spatial wage structure applies to the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The first part of the study applies several spatial analysis techniques in order to locate industrial clusters and calculate the market potential of the municipalities studied. The second part uses this information together with demographic data to run wage regressions aimed at capturing the effects of agglomeration and urban economies on individual wages. The results do not falsify the hypothesis that nominal wages, using the proper controls, are higher in municipalities with higher market potential and lower in the economically disadvantaged hinterland of the state.

Se você quiser ler o paper, eu envio uma versão anterior por e-mail.

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Luis Henrique disse...

Como é que eu faço para receber mesmo?

luishpenha [at] aim [dot] com


Unknown disse...

Tambem gostaria de receber o paper.


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