"Five Unrelated but Interesting Papers"

A programação da AEA meeting é sempre supimpa. Em 2011, contudo, os organizadores criaram o melhor nome possível de sessão:
Five Unrelated but Interesting Papers (??)
Presiding: ALLEN SANDERSON (University of Chicago)
Driving Under the (Cellular) Influence
SAURABH BHARGAVA (University of Chicago)
VIKRAM SINGH PATHANIA (Cornerstone Research)
Do Public Subsidies Change Private Vehicle Selections? Evidence from the U.S. Cash for Clunkers Program
EDWARD HUANG (Harvard University)
A History of Violence: The "Culture of Honor" as a Determinant of Homicide in the U.S. South
PAULINE A. GROSJEAN (University of San Francisco)
The Lion's Share: An Experimental Analysis of Polygamy in Northern Nigeria
ALISTAIR MUNRO (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan)
ARJAN VERSCHOOR (University of East Anglia)
MARCELA TARAZONA-GOMEZ (University of East Anglia)
CECILE JACKSON (University of East Anglia)
BEREKET KEBEDE (University of East Anglia)
White Men Can't Jump, But Would You Bet on It?
DENIZ IGAN (International Monetary Fund)
MARCELO PINHEIRO (George Mason University)
JOHN SMITH (Rutgers University-Camden)

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