O problema da America Latina?

Suas instituições foram pouco "extrativas". É o que o Coatsworth, o anti-Engerman-Sokoloff, diz:

"This short memo is intended to clarify issues and provoke discussion. It argues that the predominant image of a Latin America dominated powerful landed elites, "extractive" institutions, and relative economic inequality bears little or no relationship to the historical

realities of this region prior to the late nineteenth century (or in some cases, even later). Since these conditions did not exist, they should not be cited singly or together as a cause or causes of Latin America's relative economic backwardness prior to c1900. Or to put the argument in starkly counter factual terms, Latin America might well have achieved sustained economic growth earlier than it did if its landlord classes had been more stable and influential, its institutions more effectively extractive, and its distribution of wealth and income more unequal."

A discussão é ótima e eu, sinceramente, não sei de que lado ficar.

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