Congresso de Economics and Human Biology em Tuebingen, Alemanha

Economics and Human Biology
Tuebingen, October 15-16, 2016

Call for papers
This two-day workshop focuses on Economics and Human Biology. The conference is devoted to the exploration of the interrelationships between socio-economic processes and human beings as biological organisms.
Themes include:
  • The impact of socio-economic processes, such as industrialization, urbanization, agricultural policy, technological change and commercialization and the degree of penetration of the world food system on biological welfare and health outcomes.
  • The effects of government intervention programs, as well as macroeconomic and public health policy on the human organism at either the individual or the population level.
  • Feedback effects from human biological outcomes to economic growth at the national, regional and local levels insofar as healthier individuals invariably lead longer, more creative, and more productive lives, thereby influencing the course of economic development.
  • The complex symbiotic relationship between such anthropometric indicators as weight, birth-weight, physical stature and the body-mass-index, as well as morbidity and mortality, on the one hand and socio-economic processes or events on the other.
  • Overweight and obesity: Causes and consequences.
  • The measurement of poverty, malnutrition and psychological deprivation and the role of health and income inequality in the persistence of poverty traps.
  • Health and the impact of resources since antiquity.
  • The biological components of the quality of life: how well the human organism itself thrives in its socio-economic and epidemiological environment.
Contributions in auxology, anthropometry, biocultural anthropology, demography, development economics, economic history, epidemiology, health economics, human biology, human nutrition, health sciences, medicine, physical anthropology, public health and sociology are welcomed, as long as the contributions advance the study of the relationship between economics and human biology.
We will have two deadlines, November 15th, 2015 and May 1st, 2016 (one third of the slots will go to early submissions). Papers or abstracts (200 words, noting main data sources and hypotheses) should be send to . All submissions will be acknowledged. An international committee will decide. Notices of acceptance will be sent to corresponding authors by November 30, 2015 and May 15, 2016, respectively.
Separate applications for travel funding and accommodation are welcome until March 1st 2016. The involvement of young scholars is strongly encouraged.

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