Não houve "Reversal of Fortune" no nível subnacional

Foi o que encontraram Maloney e Caicedo em artigo recém aceito no Economic Journal. Os lugares do Novo Mundo que eram "ricos" continuaram assim.
"The Persistence of (Subnational) Fortune 
Using newly collected subnational data, this paper establishes the within country persistence of economic activity in the New World over the last half millennium, a period including the trauma of European colonization, the decimation of native populations, and the imposition of potentially growth inhibiting institutions. High pre-colonial density areas tend to be denser today due to locational fundamentals and agglomeration effects: colonialists established settlements near existing native populations for reasons of labour, trade, knowledge and defence. These areas, identified with pre-colonial prosperity, also tend to have higher incomes today suggesting that at the subnational level, fortune persists."
Versão aberta aqui.

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Felipe disse...

Obrigado Leo, hope you find the paper of interest!

Leo Monasterio disse...

Great paper! Congratulations!

I've also found no reversal fortune in Brazil between 1872 and 2000 at the level of municipalities. Check out:


Felipe disse...

Cool, thanks for sharing! Seems to be the case in Colombia as well:

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