A Grande Depressão na Suécia

"...early 1930s, when Gustav Cassel argued without success that overly restrictive American monetary policy was making matters worse, and Gunnar Myrdal devised budgetary policies implemented by the new Social Democratic government in 1933 that spared Sweden the worst of the Great Depression. In other words, economists of the Stockholm School implemented successful macroeconomic policies several years before John Maynard Keynes published his General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, even if they were unable to make the case for what they were doing to the wider world. The Swedes have taken economics very seriously ever since. "

No blog Economic Principals do David Warsh, autor do bom Knowledge and the Wealth of the Nations. Será que, de fato, a Suécia realizou aquilo que Furtado (com um tanto de exagero) disse que aconteceu no Brasil?

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