Review of Regional Studies - Special Issue

A lista de artigos no próximo volume da RRS é bem impressionante. James "Spatial Econometrics Toolbox" LeSage é o editor convidado.
  • Arthur Getis Introduction to the Special Issue
  • Sergio J. Rey and Luc Anselin PySAL: A Python Library of Spatial Analytical Methods
  • Daniel A. Griffith Spatial Structure and Spatial Interaction: 25 Years Later
  • Michael Sonis and Geoffrey J. D. Hewings On the Sraffa-Leontief Model
  • Roberto Patuelli, Simonetta Longhi, Aura Reggiani, Peter Nijkamp and Uwe Blie A Rank-order Test on the Statistical Performance of Neural Network Models Regional Labour Market Forecasts
  • Cem Ertur, Julie Le Gallo and James P. LeSage Local versus Global Convergence in Europe: A Bayesian Spatial Econometric Approach

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